Ekatala Yoga

एकताल योग

Ekatala Yoga Therapy is derived from the teachings of Hyun-Soo Kim and A.G Mohan.  It is a systematic approach that uses yoga as a healing modality.  It can be applied to many ailments ranging from scoliosis to herniated disc problems as well as many other conditions.  Ekatala Yoga Therapy may also be applied to a healthy practitioner who simply wants to work out imbalances in spine, body and mind--issues that may not be addressed fully in public classes.

Raja Yoga is considered the Royal Path in the classical practice of Yoga. Raja Yoga is what Pantajali referred to as Ashtanga Yoga or the 8 limbs of Yoga.  It is taught in a clear, step-by-step manner to help the student on their quest for well-being and/or self-transformation.  All 8 limbs are included in the study and practice of Ekatala Yoga program.

Classes are open to the public and taught by Bosco Baek and certified Ekatala Yoga teachers where each student practices individually based on his or her level.  This approach gives the practitioner the necessary skills to develop a personal practice.  During class, students will get personalized attention to help further their skills, thus assuring their steady progress in Yoga. 

Private classes are taught one-on-one based on Bosco’s assessment of what each student needs.  Whether one is an experienced practitioner or new to yoga, is generally healthy or has a medical issue, private instruction is a great way to experience Ekatala Yoga Therapy.  It also deepen one's study in the classical science of Raja Yoga.

About Ekatala Yoga

Ekatala Yoga (एकताल योग)

Ekatala in Sanskrit can be defined as harmony, unison or accurate adjustment. 

The system of Ekatala Yoga encompasses the classical applications of Raja and Hatha Yoga combined with Yoga Therapy.   Therefore, it is a complete yoga system that provides each practitioner with a classical and customized approach to a comprehensive yoga practice.

Ekatala Yoga is the essence of three yoga practices that are Raja Yoga (Sva Sam Vidya Dhyana Yoga), Hatha Yoga (Svastha Yoga) and Yoga Therapy (Anuka Yoga Cikitsa).

Sva Sam Vidya Dhyana Yoga is Raja Yoga derived from Advaita Mat in India.  Guru Ji-Myoung Park is Bosco Baek’s first yoga teacher, and Sva Sam Vidya Dhyana Yoga is his field of study.   After spending decades studying in and around Rishikesh and Shukratal, India, Park founded Himalaya Yoga Center and Sva Sam Vidya Dhyana Kendra in South Korea. 

Ji-Myoung Park is a private student of Swami Sarvadananda Maharaj (Advaita Mat) and has vast knowledge of Himalayan traditional Dhyana Yoga.  He also studied with Swami Rama and Swami Veda Bharati in India when Swami Rama was present.  

He has published books on Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali and is considered an expert in the ancient science of Raja Yoga rooted in India.

Guru Bosco Baek studied under both Guru Hyun-Soo Kim and A.G Mohan.  Baek studied great knowledge of Hatha Yoga and Yoga therapy from Northern and Southern India, with an emphasis in yoga as a therapeutic healing modality. 

Guru Hyun-Soo Kim was a medical doctor who studied yoga as spinal therapy for healing many ailments that conventional modern medicine seemed unable to address fully.    Once  Guru Bosco completed his studies in Yoga Therapy with Master Hyun-Soo Kim in South Korea, Guru Bosco arrived in Chicago where he studied with the well known Indian Guru A.G. Mohan, the founder of Svastha Yoga.

Guru A.G. Mohan was a personal student of Sri T. Krishnamacharya from 1971 to 1989. He also chaired Sri Krishnamacharya’s centenary celebrations in 1988.  Mohan is the author of ‘Yoga for Body, Breath, and Mind’ (1993), and the co-author, along with his wife, son and daughter, of ‘Yoga Therapy’ (2004).