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Ekatala Yoga

​एकताल योग

Ekatala Yoga

Certified Teachers

At age of 23, Michael was 80 pounds heavier, hosting many health issues in his body and mind.  A rigorous Yoga practice helped him lose weight while opening his consciousness to new concepts not only about health, but also about life – showing him there is an art to living.  Continuing on this healing path, he also studied and taught Yang Tai Chi, Iron Shirt Qi Qong, Yoga Naga and Dharma Yoga.

Michael is now devoted to the works of Ekatala Yoga at Chen Bing Taiji Academy, teaching both at the academy and with private students near his home in Malibu, CA.   His focus is in Yoga Therapy, Raja Yoga, and key fundamentals in Chen Tai Chi.  He uses these modalities to help students meet their goals in self-transformation and self mastery of their health.

Contact: Mike@Ekatala.org

Sae got a first yoga teacher certificate from Yogaworks in 2012.  In order to deepen her yoga study, Chun joined the first Ekatala teacher course in 2014.  Her focus is on Ekatala Yoga Therapy for scoliosis and herniated disc.  Chun mainly holds private classes in Koreatown, Los Angeles.  She is also bilingual in English and Korean.

Contact: Sae@Ekatala.org

Hae Kim joined the first Ekatala yoga teacher course in 2014 at age 57.  

Kim went through a surgery for her wrist due to an unexpected accident prior to her teacher course.  Kim said "I was hesitated to join this course due to my wrist condition and chronic pain from a titanium plate inside my right wrist.  Because of my health condition, I used to get discouraged and depressed in my daily life.  However, under teacher Bosco Baek's teaching, my body started transforming".   "I truly understood that practicing asanas should be designed well depending on an age and a body type.  In addition, the true yoga should have the upper four limbs of yoga suggested by Patanjali", said Kim.  Hae Kim currently teaches Ekatala Yoga in Los Angeles and is bilingual in Korean and English. 

Contact: Hae@Ekatala.org

Lauren joined the Ekatala Yoga teacher course in 2015 and loves practicing classical yoga practice derived from Shukratal, India.

Julie Hyewon Hwang is a certified Ekatala Yoga teacher and a professor at University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Atsuko is a certified Ekatala Yoga teacher and has practice classical yoga since 2013.  Currently, she teaches in Malibu, CA. 

Sangmi is a certified Ekatala Yoga teacher and holds her private classes in Koreatown, Los Angeles.  

Yuna is a certified Ekatala Yoga teacher and holds her private classes in Koreatown, Los Angeles.