Ekatala Yoga

एकताल योग

What sets Ekatala Yoga apart from other yoga schools?
Most yoga schools mainly teach Asana and pranayama.  Our school teaches the upper 4 limbs (Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi) of true Ashtanga Yoga based on a practitioner's development and need. 
Our Raja Yoga lineage is from Advaita Mat which is one lineage of Shankaracharya (heads of monasteries called mathas in the Advaita Vedanta tradition).
We teach classical Dhyana methods commonly called 'meditation' along with Asanas, Pranayama and Yoga Therapy.  A practitioner will be taught individually with hands on correction and lecture on each topic.

I’m a Christian, can I still do Yoga?
The purpose of yoga is to purify the human's body and mind.  This will help one's life and reality. 
Yoga is one of six philosophical systems of India.  You may find a Guru-centered institution that adds religious beliefs to their yoga practices, however this kind of yoga style is not the pure original yoga philosophy.  Yoga is balanced and neutral to one's religion. Most of Guru-centered yoga institutions do not require and pose any threat to one's religious life. 

My knees are arthritic and I have herniated discs. I also have had some yoga therapy from other institutions. What can I expect from Ekatala Yoga?
Ekatala Yoga Therapy provides a clear diagnosis of your spine and body type.  From this procedure, you may find a cause of your current ailment and a certified Ekatala Yoga teacher will find the best individualized yoga therapy for you. 
For example, a 80 years old female recovered her arthritis by Ekatala Yoga Therapy and is now able to walk and live.  It took her almost two years to heal due to her body condition and aging.  
Our Ekatala Yoga Therapy is a systematic approach to help heal one's body and mind based on anatomy and physiology. 

I have a bad case of scoliosis.  Can Ekatala Yoga help me out?
For those who have intractable and irreversible conditions considered obstinacy such as scoliosis and ankylosing spondylitis, we highly recommend a private lesson from certified Ekatala Yoga teachers.  
By utilizing Phase I, II and III of Ekatala Yoga Therapy, it will help one's condition gradually with traceable records.

I am a certified Yoga teacher from another organization.  Can I learn Ekatala Yoga Therapy only?
Ekatala Yoga Therapy is taught in our  CYAI registered Ekatala Yoga teaching course.  Regardless of one's experience, one must attend this course to understand the correct applications and techniques that are unique to Ekatala Yoga Therapy. 

I just want to learn Raja Yoga meditation.  What is my option?
Raja Yoga includes Hatha Yoga and Dhyana (meditation)  One of the main purposes of  practicing Hatha Yoga is to prepare the student's body with the skill to sit for extended periods of time without pain and discomfort which will make meditation progress more effectively. One does not need to be Hatha Yoga Master to begin their meditation practice, but it is part of the practice to attain the maximum potential of one's mediation practice.  Yoga is for everyone, with Ekatala Yoga Therapy, regardless of one's physical condition, a Hatha Yoga routine can suit one's condition and assist in the medition process.  

Due to my schedule, I can't be a regular student and have a scolisis.  What is your advice?
Investing in private time with a certified Ekatala Yoga Teacher is highly advisable.  A customized routine will address the scoliosis that is unique to your body that a general public yoga class will not address.  Ekatala Yoga Therapy has specifically designed yoga asanas to address scoliosis, but this must be addressed in private, as it will be tailored to your individual needs. 


What is Ekatala Yoga?
Ekatala Yoga combines three yoga styles which are Sva Sam Vidya of Raja Yoga, Anuka Yoga Cikitsa of Hatha Yoga & Therapy and Svastha Yoga of Hatha Yoga & Therapy. 
It has the complete system of Ashtanga Yoga systemized by Patanjali, along with specialized and individualized yoga therapy.  
Unlike many popular yoga styles that only practice Yoga Asana and Pranayama, Ekatala Yoga has a clear system that provides the eight limbed yoga system. 

What is specialty of Ekatala Yoga Therapy?
Ekatala Yoga Therapy specializes in creating accurate alignment in the spine and body.  There is great focus in bringing the pelvis into correct alignment followed by balancing the erector spinae muscles that support the postural alignment of the spine, and assuring full and correct range of motion of the cervical spine.  In the science in applying these therapeutic tools, many ailments ranging from a herniated spinal disc to migraines can be addressed.  For the student that wants specialized attention, Ekatala Yoga Therapy will address the imbalances in great detail giving the practitioner not only heightened body awareness but new abilities that may not have been possible to acquire in a group or public class.

I am not flexible and also not interested in being an acrobatic person.  I just need to learn how to remove my chronic backpain.  Is that alright?
You do not have to be an acrobatic person to practice yoga.  Many people do not understand the purpose of Yoga asanas.  
Yoga asana (posture) allows you to obtain proper body alignment which lessens body pain.  That is the purpose.  Depending on each person's body type and age, every person will have different body conditions and flexibility. Because of this, it is not necessary to overdo or overstretch the body. 
Ekatala Yoga has a traditional lineage that allows you to find a balanced body and mind.  We will teach you how to lessen your chronic back pain. 

I think yoga's goal is to have a flexible body so that the mind becomes flexible in peace. Is this correct?
No, it isn't.   There are contortionists and circus performers who can bend and fold amazingly.  Should Hatha yogis worship those people as yoga Gurus?
It is rudimentary and misinformation to believe that hatha yoga or any yoga aims to be a flexible person only.
In Ashtanga Yoga by Pantanjali, Asana is a third limb and Pranayama is a fourth limb.  For example, Yama, Niyama, Asana and Pranayama are the lower 4 limbs.  
Then, what about the upper 4 limbs that are Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi?  We teach all 8 limbs which are not offered in any other yoga schools.

Can kids learn Ekatala Yoga? Can seniors learn it?
 Yoga is for everyone.  Ekatala Yoga is not limited to one yoga sequence.  Every teacher is trained to meet the student at their level to ensure a safe, yet effective practice.  Regardless if you are 10 years old or 90 years old, Ekatala Yoga can be practiced safe and effectively.  

I want to be an Ekatala Yoga teacher. 
You must complete our CYAI Ekatala Yoga Teacher Program that will be held quarterly.  Please see our teacher training course web page for more details: http://www.ekatala.org/teacher-training.html