Ekatala Yoga

​एकताल योग

Yoga Therapy

Ekatala Yoga Therapy is for anyone who has a physical injury or back pain.  It is also be for anyone who wants to have a healthy and/or advanced yoga practice that is free from injury as well as a practice customized for  one’s own body.

Using Ekatala Yoga's therapeutic techniques, including acupressure,  the student will gain a customized yoga program unique for their body.  These techniques guide, steer, and direct one's body back into balance and alignment with emphasis on the entire spine, including the neck and pelvis.  Students discover that many health issues such as poor digestion or migraines correlate to a blockage in their spine.  By increasing mobility in specific areas of the spine, many--if not all, of these health issues can be healed.

There are three phases to Ekatala Yoga Therapy.  During the initial Phase or Phase 1, the body is assessed for imbalances in the spine and supporting muscular system.  From here, there will be a focus on opening the practitioner's body, aligning the pelvis, cervical area and initial balancing of the erector spinae muscles that support the posture of the spine.  In Phase 2, the practitioner is ready for fine alignment where deeper techniques and asanas are applied.  Phase 3 is the level when the practitioner develops great power and strength while keeping the fine alignment acquired during the previous phases.

CAUTION:  If you currently have a mental or physical ailment, please be advised by your doctor or physician before the yoga practice and yoga therapy. 

Ekatala Yoga

एकताल योग

Ekatala Yoga Therapy is effective and useful for many of the following issues.  Yoga can only heal you or help you heal if you practice it.  The idea is liberation, not dependence. 

Muscular Skeletal Issues
Postural Alignment (holding patterns)
Tracking Issues (movement patterns)
Back Problems of all types including;                           
Bulging or Painful Discs (herniated disc)
Energetic Issues
Breathing Problems, Asthma, COPD
Stress, Physical and Mental
Psycho-Emotional Issues, Depression, Anxiety, Repetitive &/or Disturbing Thoughts, Sleeplessness
Reduce or Eliminate dependence on many drugs.